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Just removing negative reports on your credit is not enough.
Learn what trade lines are and how they can help you to quickly build your FICO score, even when you’ve been rejected for credit.

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Credit Score

Understanding what's on it, is the first step.

What's affecting it?

Debt Collectors

Stop the harassment and start fighting back

Stop the Harassment

Trade Lines

Learn what they are and how it they impact your score

Building Credit

Your Rights

If you don't know the rules, you can't win the game

Credit Education

Credit is one of the most important factors in American’s lives now. It determines where we live, what we drive, and how much we pay for items, even items that don’t even appear on the credit report (mobile phones, for example). We are penny wise and pound foolish and how we purchase items. I am here to shed light on the truth.

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Credit Genius was developed to start the conversation about credit, credit scoring and the debt collectors.

It’s all about you developing knowledge about the credit scoring system and what is on your report.  This is a space where you can get the truth, as long as you reach out and talk with Credit Genius about your credit file.

Our Clients Say

​John Mackey provides consumers and professionals with a significant and important understanding of how their credit is affected by their actions and those of the credit bureaus.  His talks are extremely valuable and informative for almost everyone, since credit and credit scores affect so many aspects of daily life.  He has a deep understanding of the credit process and I highly recommend these seminars.

Jeff Upin, Esq

I am 100% satisfied. My goal was to buy a house and I was able to do that. My score started in the low 500’s and is now in the high 600’s.

Ross D. - Portland Oregon

You make the process so easy and understandable.  In less than two months, you raise my score 111 points and I was able to go out and purchase a vehicle I desperately needed.  Thank you so much!

Ashley R. - Minneapolis MN

John’s Credit Report

Credit Scoring -Lies, Damn Lies and Deception

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I have created a course on www.udemy.com entitled Credit Scoring -Lies, Damn Lies and Deception. There are so many various credit scoring methods  that the average person is totally confused and bamboozled. Let me show [...]

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