Project Description

This keynote is focused on women and credit.

Discover the hidden secrets in developing a better strategy for you and your family to protect your good credit or how to expunge the bad credit and start anew.

Not knowing how to deal with debt, debt collectors, credit scores, medical debt, credit reporting, and bills could put your family’s life in financial peril. Everything we do now financially is based on your credit report and your FICO scores: renting an apartment, buying a home, employment, and insurance for your home, rental, and vehicles you own.  Problem is, very few people know about credit and credit reports, and debt collectors.  This even includes bank Presidents.

The bottom line is this: If you have no credit or bad credit, your life is more expensive.  It is that simple.

Find out how women are profoundly affected by their credit.

John A. Mackey talks in a very informative, fun and interactive way to give you the tools to protect your family.

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The most compelling voice in the credit scoring and debt collection marketplace.