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In a recently released eighth annual employer-sponsored health and well-being survey from the national business group found that 84% of 141 large and midsize companies now have financial wellness programs. And that is up from 76% a year ago.

The survey of 1600 full-time employed adults said that 53% of the employees are stressed out about their finances. Those who are stressed out are more likely to be distracted by their finances at work, missed work due to their personal financial issues and site health issues caused by financial stress.

Andrew Sullivan, president of Prudential group insurance stated: “employers have the responsibility and the opportunity to solve this and they want to.” Aside from increased productivity and less absenteeism, this benefit can build goodwill that cannot only attract new employees but help retain workers as well.

John Mackey can help increase your bottom line by 15 to 20% representing your workers in their dealing with bad credit debt collectors and phone calls, an area often missed by credit counselors and those that might do it having little knowledge of the credit scoring system and debt collectors.

In this presentation, John Mackey shows you the data and how you can implement such a program for such little cost.

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