Just what is a FICO Certified Professional?2017-11-18T23:07:15+00:00

People are hungry, they are starving, for credit information. Just where do you get it? There are many people that call themselves credit experts and some are. Most are not. They are trying to sell a product that they know little of. To the uninformed, you wouldn’t know if they are telling you the truth or not. Problem is, the application of the information they give can be a big financial problem if they are followed.

A FICO certification helps distinguish between those who truly know and understand credit and those who do not. The certification is coursework that an individual must take, complete, and pass in order to earn the FICO CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL certification.

Do you have a podcast?2017-11-18T23:06:46+00:00

I have two shows: one on credit news and one on the general field of credit. If can be found at www.blogtalkradio/GiveMeCredit. It is done to spread the news of what is going on in the field of credit, credit restoration, credit education and debt collection. I absolutely love doing it.

People need to know the truth.

Why are you involved with debt collections so much?2017-11-18T23:05:09+00:00

It is a passion of mine as most debt collectors tend to be bullies. I stand on behalf of the single individual – the little guy. A lot of debt collectors simply do not have the correct information to prove the verifiability of the debt they are trying to collect.

How long is the process?2017-11-18T23:04:34+00:00

Typically our process can last anywhere from 45 days to 180 days. Most of the time to get the appropriate results, we have to go through three rounds –two of them to the credit bureaus and one directly to the creditor or debt collector.

Why does Credit Genius have a team of attorneys?2017-11-18T23:04:10+00:00

Simply put, studies have found that by using attorneys in credit restoration, the results are different in the challenge process. By using attorneys, the challenge or demand letters are processed in the United States.

If you do it yourself or if the letters/demands do not come from an attorney or it is outsourced to overseas for investigation. By contract, they have no more than 6 minutes to investigate an issue or dispute. The investigative process is diluted and the results are not there.

You will find many companies that claim they have Attorney Facilitated Credit Repair. They DO NOT have what we have. Letters written by attorneys, signed by attorneys, on their letterhead, in their envelopes.

Why do you have credit education?2017-11-18T23:02:39+00:00

Did you know we spend 52 times the amount of money in getting people to use credit than on credit education? They want you ignorant. Most people, to include professionals, do not have the full knowledge of how the credit System Works and the Federal laws that apply to both credit reporting and debt collections. There is a lot of deception and fraud that needs to be dispelled.

How long have you been doing credit repair?2017-11-18T23:02:15+00:00

Technically, I have been doing credit repair since I got into real estate in 1987. Master Credit Solutions began in 2007 as a result of my desire to help people with their credit needs. There weren’t many of us in the credit restoration field at that time and those that were, for the most part, had very little knowledge of how the credit system worked. CreditGeni.us started as a result of our desire to “Start The Conversation”.

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