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THE DUN LETTER – What Do you Do When a Debt Collector Calls

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SO WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN THEY CALL When we fall behind on our bills, we get past due notices from creditors. If those notices go unanswered,the creditor closes the account. The creditor sells the [...]

THE DUN LETTER – A Key to Your Debt Collection Protection (2 of 3)

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DUN LETTER Part 2 Any time a debt collector initially calls you, it triggers a legal action that calls for a Dun Letter. This is a letter to you that describes your rights, who they [...]

Astonishing Book Endorsements: Debt Collectors: Lies, Damn lies and Deceit

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ENDORSEMENTS “He’s not a Wall Street Banker. He’s not Financial Guru. He’s not a voice heard on national TV… at least not yet. What John Mackey is is someone who knows what he’s talking about [...]

“This Is the Most Comprehensive Book on Debt Collection Defense I Have Ever Read”

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“This is the most comprehensive book on debt collection defense I have ever read”. This is what is being stated about my book, Debt Collectors: Lies, Damn Lies, and Deceit. And it comes from a [...]