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The Trust Factor for Credit Repair with

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These customers came to as a referral from a partner of ours in Phoenix, Arizona – John Werner . I called them wanting their analysis of the results of the credit repair and credit [...]

Client update –RADIO SHOW Personality – In His Words

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This person came to me as a result of my work on another client’s credit report. He is a well-known radio personality in the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis and St. Paul. His radio show [...]

Astonishing Book Endorsements: Debt Collectors: Lies, Damn lies and Deceit

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ENDORSEMENTS “He’s not a Wall Street Banker. He’s not Financial Guru. He’s not a voice heard on national TV… at least not yet. What John Mackey is is someone who knows what he’s talking about [...]

Announcing A Success Story: FICO Score Raised From 400 To 700+

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  Our customers, based out of Washington State, are people that have been gracious enough to talk on-the-record about their results. Nothing has been modified. They were referred to Credit Genius through our partner Their [...]

Astonishing Credit Results For an Entrepreneur

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CREDIT GENIUS HELPS A SMALL BUSINESSMAN Meet Mr. McDougall. He comes from the Vancouver, Washington area and has a small business. He is single and has been an entrepreneur for a few years. He is [...]

Professional Stopped from Promotion Due to her Credit

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    Our customer lives in an apartment in Seattle, Washington State. As she works for a large firm, She needed her credit worked on for a possible promotion.   For her, a side benefit is [...]