Credit Scoring -Lies, Damn Lies and Deception

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I have created a course on that is valued at $99.95. For the first 50 people that click here, your educational investment will be $14.95.  This discount will only last until May 2, 2019. [...]

How Credit Reporting is Designed to Keep You in the Dark

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FIND OUT HOW THE CREDIT REPORTING SYSTEM IS DESIGNED TO KEEP YOU IN THE DARK We have a credit reporting problem in America. It is a systemic problem, in that the people, that’s you and [...]

5 rules for Protection: Reclaim Your Backbone

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  5 RULES TO PROTECT YOURSELF WHEN A DEBT COLLECTOR CALLS Debt collection is a netherworld of publicly traded companies, hedge fund operators, street hustlers, professional debt collectors, ex-cons and lawyers all working together to [...]