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5 rules for Protection: Reclaim Your Backbone

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  5 RULES TO PROTECT YOURSELF WHEN A DEBT COLLECTOR CALLS Debt collection is a netherworld of publicly traded companies, hedge fund operators, street hustlers, professional debt collectors, ex-cons and lawyers all working together to [...]

You Need to Know Your Debt Collection Protection Key – The Dun Letter: Part 3

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SO WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN THEY CALL When we fall behind on our bills, we get past due notices from creditors. If those notices go unanswered,the creditor closes the account. The creditor sells the [...]

You Need to Know Your Debt Collection Protection Key – The Dun Letter: Part 2

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DUN LETTER Part 2 Any time a debt collector initially calls you, it triggers a legal action that calls for a Dun Letter. This is a letter to you that describes your rights, who they [...]

You Need to Know Your Debt Collection Protection Key – The Dun Letter

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The Dun Letter – part 1 Ever get a phone call, out of the blue, from a Debt Collector, demanding you pay them because you owe a debt? I have, and many of my clients [...]

Client update –RADIO SHOW Personality – In His Words

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This person came to me as a result of my work on another client’s credit report. He is a well-known radio personality in the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis and St. Paul. His radio show [...]

How to Stop Debt Collector Phone Calls – One simple Method

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So the phone rings. You answer it. “Is this (insert name here)?” You say “Yes it is”. The person on the other end says, “My name is Dick McTrickle and I am from the debt [...]

Did Not Pay Your Traffic Ticket? This Is What Will Happen

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Q and A: Can a traffic ticket affect my FICO score? The quick answer is yes. Even though your driving record has nothing to do with your credit worthiness a traffic ticket can negatively affect [...]