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Credit Scoring -Lies, Damn Lies and Deception

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I have created a course on entitled Credit Scoring -Lies, Damn Lies and Deception. There are so many various credit scoring methods  that the average person is totally confused and bamboozled. Let me show [...]

This is What Happens When The Gets Involved – audio

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A SUCCESS STORY - LOCAL DJ NEEDS A NEW CAR. CREDIT GENIUS TO THE RESCUE The audio at the bottom of this blog is a recording from Ashley - A DJ/Radio Personality  who appeared on [...]

Credit Advice: Find Out What Happened When They Called the

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NEEDED CREDIT GENIUS FOR ADVICE. FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED Here is a former client that is from Minnesota. His goal was to purchase a home. The scores started around 550 and is now above 640, [...]

The Trust Factor for Credit Repair with

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These customers came to as a referral from a partner of ours in Phoenix, Arizona – John Werner . I called them wanting their analysis of the results of the credit repair and credit [...]

Client update –RADIO SHOW Personality – In His Words

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This person came to me as a result of my work on another client’s credit report. He is a well-known radio personality in the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis and St. Paul. His radio show [...]


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There are many matters that can upset your FICO credit score, from late payments to foreclosures to judgments to liens to debt collectors. But there are some items that simply will not disturb your score. [...]