Two (2) Free Courses on Credit

Credit, Credit Scoring and FICO Scores – Free Course!  (limited availability)

Debt Collectors:  Lies, Damn Lies and Deceit – Free Course!  (limited availability)


During the early part of this past winter, 2019, I decided to write two courses: the first on credit and credit scoring, and the second on debt collections. Recently, there has been a huge influx of information written by a variety of sources on credit and credit scoring in the media. Some of them have been adequate and some have not.

As some of you may know, this field of study for me began in 1988 when I began as a Realtor, then became a Broker.   I was also a mortgage loan officer for 10 years.   In 2007, I decided to concentrate my efforts on credit and FICO scoring because of the lack of knowledge in this general field and the importance of the FICO score.   I tried to differentiate myself as one of the go to people for the truth in credit and credit scoring education,  as there was such a lot of misinformation and outright deceiving by people that should be in the know. A lot of the information given was twisted to meet the needs of the company they represented.  My clients would receive letters from the credit bureaus stating that they could be contacted directly for the correct information and not go through a private source (I.E. that would be me at

I am not the only one telling the truth about credit and FICO scoring. However, I am one of the few. There is so much misinformation and confusion, in that the right hand does not know what the left hand is writing and the consumer, along with many of the experts, giving wrong information that hurt the consumer.

In order to deal with the non-truth and deception that is in the general media about credit scoring and debt collections, I decided to combat this through speaking engagements, along with educational courses.

The first course I wrote was for continuing education for Realtors on credit in the state of Minnesota. It was approved by the Minnesota Department of Commerce. It was one of the first, if not the first course, on credit scoring and credit reports for continuing education.

I have written a course on CREDIT, CREDIT REPORTS AND FICO SCORING that is being offered on Udemy, the largest online school for continuing education.

Even if you think you know everything on credit and credit scoring, you will learn something that could save you thousands of dollars.

I am sending a coupon for you to use in which the course will be free – no cost. The value of this course is $99.95.


Debt Collectors – Lies, Damn Lies and Deceit

This course is about Debt Collectors – How they are to act and what laws they must follow.  What is a Dun Letter?  How long to debt collectors have to prove the debt.  A breakdown of the FDCPA and real conversations I have had with Debt Collectors.  Can you stop the phone calls?  Must you talk with them?  What questions must you answer – all addressed here.

See above for the link to this free course!


John Mackey