When is the best time to get into credit repair and credit restoration? When is the best time to sign up for a Credit Geni Consult? The answer to this is both simple and complex. You need credit repair any time your credit score is below 640. I say this not because I’m in that field, but because it is costing you money. Your hard earned money.

  • If you’re thinking of buying a home, the time is now.
  • If you’re thinking of saving money on purchases, the time is now.
  • It is time to schedule a Credit Geni Consult.

A lot of people with bad credit will not fix their credit until they want to buy something large, like a home or a car. Most of the time that indecision puts their purchase off by six months, at a minimum.

Are you aware that insurance rates for your home, your apartment, or your car can go up 510% by having bad credit or no credit (people without a credit score)?

Let’s do some math. I know what you are thinking: “I hate math. I’m no good at it.” Nah. This is easy math. Sometimes it is hard to grasp the concept of numbers until you see it in dollars and cents. If an insurance bill for a car is $100 per month and you have good credit, the yearly payment is $1,200. If you have bad credit, you could pay up to $210, the yearly payment is $2,520.

You are paying $1,320 more per year or $110 more per month. Are you that rich?

Even if you think you’re avoiding the problem, you are not. You are in a quagmire you do not see. It is your silent financial killer. What you spend in higher rates on credit cards, on insurance, or your lack of ability to purchase an item you desperately need is hurting you.

So when is the best time to fix your credit?

It’s before you think you need it. When do you need credit restoration and education? Now.