Why your credit score matters.

Numbers matter. If I show you mine, will you show me yours? Here are mine; 98, 69, 220, 703, 5-4, and 729. But numbers mean nothing without knowing the basis for the numbers and their correlation to the data. All by themselves, they mean nothing.

Unfortunately, our lives are determined by numbers and they are defined by numbers. It is the way it is.

Credit scores came to be as a method and predictor of your ability to repay a debt. It also is a means to remove the idiot factor. People that determine if you can buy their product (a home, a car) do not have to evaluate; just look at a number. 641 mid score? You can buy a home. 639 mid score? You cannot. It means nothing more. It does not define character, good VS. evil, bad VS. good. What they really are is just a predictor.

A friend of mine who comes from Liberia tells me “I came to this country thinking money was the most important thing financially. I’ve come to realize that is not true. It is your credit score.”

By the way: My numbers:
98: I am healthy. This is my temperature
69: My height – in inches.
220: What I wish my weight was.
703: Transunion score.
5-4: the score of my last ball game
729: Equifax score.  (provided it has not been breached)