The answer to this simply is no.

The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act states they can only call between the hours of 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM, your local time.

They may call weekends.

Can they call you at work? Only if you allow them to. If you would tell them you’re not allowed phone calls at work, they cannot call you. If they do, it is a violation of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.

Another little known fact is that you can stop these calls from coming to your home. The first time you receive a call, find out who they are. By law they have to tell you their name and the company they are representing. If they do not, a reverse phone directory will determine who that number belongs to. Then send them a cease and desist letter. They can no longer contact you either by phone or by mail unless there will be any change in status of their case. All the letter needs to state is “as per the FDCPA, please stop all communications with me.” That’s it! All communications will cease, or should.

If you have an attorney and the debt collector is given their name, they must stop talking to you and direct all communication to your attorney.

If you need a cease and desist letter, you can contact Credit Genius or purchase the book DEBT COLLECTORS: LIES, DAMN LIES AND DECEIT. In the book, I describe everything that goes on in the debt collection world.