This is why I do what I do.

It is written by my good friend Mark Vavreck, a fine attorney that works in the FDCPA arena, along with other duties at Gonko & Vavreck.

“Today I met with a woman who although she had paid her rent and was current on her utility bills, was being evicted out of her residence, with her four children, two of which are disabled, because she paid rent to a landlord who let his house go into foreclosure, which he didn’t bother to share with her.

But what enrages me most was none of this. Instead, it was that some judge leaned on arrogance, no doubt to save time and move forward on an unending case list on the docket, when he had a document put in front of her explaining that she had to file an Answer to the case by next Thursday, with instructions. When she tried to ask what that meant, the judge “yelled” that it was, “right in front of you, it’s laid out in plain English, what’s the problem…can’t you read?!”

No, she can’t read.

Her pride did not allow her to share that tidbit with that undoubtedly overworked, highly educated judge in a full courtroom of people with their own problems, but that’s what I discovered when she confided to me in tears. I had to take a step back in order to attempt to understand her world and to effectively communicate with her. I wasn’t able to immediately pull her from the fire, it’s a big fire and has been burning for many years, but I put her on the path to freedom from the current pain. There but for the Grace of God, or chance, or luck, or the love of another, or love of many others, go I.”

Lessons of the day: Kindness is not weakness and courage comes in many forms.