Do you play games?

No, I’m not talking about psychological games, but let’s say a board game.

Let’s talk about chess, a game I am familiar with, albeit as a neophyte.

  • The board is set up for you.
  • You look at the pieces and it looks nothing like the checkers game you’re used to on the same board.
  • All these different pieces have names and move in a different pattern.
  • The bishop, the queen, the king,
  • The pawn, the rook, and the knight.
  • And they all move differently.
  • Some move in quadrants of six, some rules diagonally, some can move one piece at a time, one piece can move any direction, and so forth. The object of the game? Capture the king.

Ready set go. Wait a minute… The rules have not been explained to you. Too bad!

The game would be impossible to play. Any game is impossible to play without the rules. If one side knows all the rules and you know nothing or very little, guess who’s gonna win? Guess who could cheat and you will never know.

Credit and debt collection is the same way.

They don’t tell you the rules. And they want it that way!

What are the rules – the FDCPA and the FCRA? Do you know about them?

Creditors and debt collectors will SPIN the truth into WHAT you cannot even recognize.

You don’t understand. And you have no way to determine what the truth is: what the game rules are.

The credit reporting agencies do not tell you the truth. Debt collectors lie all the time. Don’t believe me? I tape their phone calls. You can listen to them if you want.

Perhaps if you knew the rules you could play this game. And make no mistake about it, it is a game. But only one side knows the rules.

Now you have a company who knows and is willing to teach you the rules. And he is known as the Credit Genius.

How about knowing a guy who is the manager of the team. The game now is more equitable. He can explain the rules and manage the game.


“Credit so Clean, people want to steal it”


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