He’s not a Wall Street Banker. He’s not Financial Guru. He’s not a voice heard on national TV… at least not yet. What John Mackey is is someone who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to Credit, credit repair and debt collectors. His book is more than practical.. It’s a real life look at real issues and real solutions. This book offers an easy read into a difficult subject and provides insight and hope for anyone who will decide to take that first step to getting their life back.” – Jon Engen, Pastor, Radio Show Host

“I love this book. I have been in the debt collection industry and can attest to what Mr. Mackey has written. We were trained in high-pressure tactics and how to get money from people that did not have it. The debt collection industry depends on the general public not knowing what to do when contacted by a debt collector. This book is all about how to defend yourself. It is a self-help book that walks you through the debt collection process in a very easy to read format. And, he gives you the ability to fight for yourself.” – Carlie T, Former Debt Collector

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Credit so Clean, people want to steal it”



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